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When we start loving who we are and accepting all parts of who we are, we can start living from Joy and Bliss.

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It’s so easy when we are young to have dreams, then we grow up and it all goes out the window, and we start living from other people’s wants and desires ….

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Sit at the feet of others who are awakened, not who others tell you are awakened, but those that you feel a pure connection to, who inspire you to live differently, sit near the tree, and feel the power.

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Awakening for me, may be one thing, and something completely different for you. But, at the core, it’s about an internal transformation, your external will be a mirror image of the internal. It’s not about money, or family, or friendships,… Continue Reading…

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Forgiveness is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you are on the spiritual path. You might have an ex-partner or someone who you are close to, who really hurt you, and betrayed you in some… Continue Reading…

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Are you a female entrepreneur who knows they are meant for so much more? Who wants to dig deep in their soul pull out your power & passions. By being unapologetically themselves. Your ready to do whatever it takes to… Continue Reading…