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Forgiveness is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you are on the spiritual path.

You might have an ex-partner or someone who you are close to, who really hurt you, and betrayed you in some way.


You need to get it solved, feel all of those emotions that are coming up for you

You don’t need to get wrapped up in the story, music can help you, if you play a song that relates to the emotion you are feeling so for example if you’re feeling sad, play a sad song, if angry – something angry and so on

Express your emotions is an emotional release – dance and movement is a good way, so write a letter that you don’t want to send, because it’s a good one, and this is honouring your true feelings

It doesn’t matter what you say in the letter as you’re not going to send it so write it and set it on fire, baby!

Say “I release it!” and let the emotions controlling your life go.

Fill yourself up with love, and not look for it from other places and people

Often we have an energetic attachment to people – this is what happens when we are unable to forgive

So we know the feeling of love, we often look outside ourselves but we need to connect with the love within ourselves

We do this through meditation, connecting with the Divine and dropping into your heart space, and find that love & wholeness within yourself

As we love ourselves, we move more easily, to release that energetic attachment to the person who hurt us

3. Set powerful intentions to learn the lesson from this experience

Until you’ve learned the lessons it was meant to teach, it will pay out over and over again in your life

Ask your higher self during your meditation what this higher purpose is

There’s always a better future for you and your soul

Be patient for the answer because it could be a day or a month in coming you and then ask for this part of the healing and forgiveness & what lesson(s) you were meant to learn through this experience

So in this moment, you will see each other’s pain in each other, showing true oneness

You’ll see where that person’s soul is

Just forgive for you as much as you are forgiving for them, this will be freedom for you, and a brighter future

Track through your life anywhere that you need to forgive anyone and do this process you need to forgive, to free yourself

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