Being a leader needs growth and depth

Being a leader needs growth and depth

Ikt’s about being authentic with you and being vulnerable with your audience.

There are so many people just touching the surface but I believe the real key is going deep.

On three levels: yourself, your fears and challenges, how you overcame things and what you did, etc.

Your mission, and your “why” need to go profoundly deep.

Know who you serve, but constantly revisit this area, keep redefining your “why” and you serve.

As we grow, we evolve our “why” and with the clients we serve.

Know your community, personally and deeply, know what they’re struggling with, what they need help with, that is real leadership.

Be unique, stand out, don’t blend in with the rest.

If you want to work with me – sevdaauthenticitymovement@gmail.com

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